Rental Agreement for Kiosk

Introduction rules ?

Insurance and Responsibilities ?

Reservation Deadline ?

Price and Payment

Introduction Rules

1. Kiosk: The Tenant is renting a space for a kiosk as part of the SEA Festival. The kiosk must be a gazebo tent not exceeding 12 feet by 12 feet in size. 2. Terms of Use: a. Food: All food must be kept in coolers for freshness and safety. b. Cooking: Cooking can only be done using charcoal. c. Gas: The use of gas cylinders is strictly prohibited. d. Glass Objects: No glass objects are allowed on the premises. e. Utensils: No knives or metal utensils are allowed. f. Electricity and Potable Water: The Organizer will provide electricity and potable water on the site. 3. Equipment Inspection: Prior to entering the site, the Organizer will conduct an inspection of the Tenant's equipment to ensure compliance with the above terms of use.

Insurance and Responsibilities

 The Tenant is responsible for obtaining adequate insurance to cover any liability or potential lawsuits.  The SEA Festival and Le Sablon disclaim any responsibility for allergies, food poisoning, or damages caused on the site.

Reservation Deadline

The deadline for reserving the space is set for July 1, 2024. After this date, the Organizer reserves the right to rent the space to another party.

Price and Payment

The rental price of the food kiosk is set at $800 and $400 for other stores. . Payment must be made before July 1, 2024, to confirm the reservation. Number of Individuals and Additional Fees: Entrance to the festival is free for 4 people per food stall and 2 people for other shops. However, if the number of individuals exceeds this limit, additional fees will apply.