Dan Fiyah

Dan “Fiyah” Beats is a versatile artist, member of the Fiyah Flamez Unit, a collective of artists and musicians.

He is the kind of original artist who can surprise you by flipping the script in ways you might not expect. His message is always conscious, with meaning. The music can vary from roots reggae, RnB flavor, dancehall, soul, hip-hop and even rock.

Dan Beats received his name from his colleagues, working as a music producer and sound engineer. He later added “Fiyah” to his name to distinguish his artist side from his producer side. Originally from Montreal, of Jamaican parents, he had the opportunity to spend time in Jamaica since his youth. He grew up not only in reggae music, but in “cultured reggae”, the music of Rastamans which brings a message. His heart will always remain very close there. He also loves all kinds of music, having been a player of several instruments since his earliest memories. He can play instruments like piano, guitar, drums, bass, harmonica and even more.